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"Die Orgel ist ein zu kompliziertes Instrument, als daβ sie je vollendet sein könnte: Sie fordert immer von neuem zu Veränderungen heraus." / "The organ is such a complex instrument that it can never be completed; it constantly provokes new variants of itself". (Carl Dahlhaus *1928-1989)

This site is devoted to selected publications and other material relating to organs and organ music with which I have usually had some personal connection. It could well eventually epitomize Dahlhaus' statement above. Your patience is appreciated.

"aber teglich wachsen kunst und kommen mee. Adams Kinder feyren nit." / "the arts thrive and multiply daily--Adam's children never rest." (Arnolt Schlick, ca.1511)

cover-photo On August 10th 2016 Marie-Claire Alain (1926-2013) would have been 90. A much-travelled concert and recording organist, here she is shown on a Wollongong beach (near Sydney) on 18th November 1979, with David Rumsey, taking time out from her only Australian tour.

News, forthcoming events

A variety of musical events in different places

excerpts from David Rumsey's diary of engagements

and other items ...

Two highly-recommended special events

coming soon!

Basel Organists' Reger Centenary Festival

Sixteen Concerts

31st August to 14th September 2016

Click here for a poster (.pdf)

Course and Concerts in Muri (AG)

with Andrés Céa Galán, Brett Leighton and Christopher Stembridge

5th September to 9th September 2016

Click here for details

Two events with music in the liturgy

* Saturday 3rd September at 09:30 a.m. at Mariastein (Switzerland)


* Sunday 11th September 10:00 a.m. in Breitenbach (Switzerland)

The "Icker" Mass setting by Michael Schmoll

Kirchenchöre Schwarzbubenlandes

Isidor Lombriser (conductor) David Rumsey (organist)

Selected events later in 2016:

* Sunday 4th September 2016 at 17:30

Max Reger Commemoration for the Basel Society of Organists

Museum für Musikautomaten, Seewen (SO)

both live performances on the Welte organ and playing of historic "Reger" roll recordings

* Sunday 6th November 11:15

Matinee Organ recital (works of Max Reger) in Seewen (SO - Switzerland)

* Volume 12 of "The Britannic Organ" is now available.

Click here for track listings of the entire series so far

Project van Eyck - details of a special performance-based-on-research program. It was manifested at a concert in Muri (AG) on June 9th 2014, as part of the symposium "Die Orgel im Herbst des Mittelalters". Project van Eyck links the Rumsey-van der Putten "gothic" organ with the famous 15th century Ghent altarpiece's portrayal of the music-making of that era.

Details and links

An abbreviated history of recording

with particular reference to the organ

updated 23rd December 2012.

Click here to view (pdf)

The database of scanned Welte organ rolls held at the Museum der Musikautomaten in Seewen (August 2012). Available formats are Paradox (.db), QuattroPro (.qpw) and Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

Database of Seewen's scanned Welte organ rolls (DB)

Database of Seewen's scanned Welte organ rolls (QPW)

Database of Seewen's scanned Welte organ rolls (XLSX)

Key to the database (PDF)

Some newspaper, announcements and critiques of concerts and recordings:

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