Key to the on-line databases of “The Britannic Organ” CD series.

Note: Paradox Database (.DB) users will find the category always at the top of the column.

With Quattro Pro (.qpw) and Excel (.xls) columns are given for each category. They apply to the data as supplied but may need re-interpreting if the tables are subsequently re-arranged. Formatting and re-sorting is left to the discretion of the user.

Vol                                                                                          Quattro Pro and Excel Column A

The relevant Volume of the “Britannic Organ” series on which this piece has been recorded.

CD                                                                                           Quattro Pro and Excel Column B

The CD of the relevant volume of “Britannic Organ” series on which this piece has been recorded.

Track                                                                                      Quattro Pro and Excel Column C

The Track of the relevant CD of the “Britannic Organ” on which this piece can been found.

Identity                                                                                   Quattro Pro and Excel Column D

The true identity of the work, given either as the original or a common anglicization of it. (This sometimes varies from Welte’s catalogues which were occasionally inaccurate)

Opus                                                                                        Quattro Pro and Excel Column E

Opus, No., BWV, Compiler’s listing, Numbers or similar musicological identity of the work (where available) to further specify the true identity of the piece. i, ii, iii, etc are read as separate sections, e.g. movements, where not all of the work is recorded. Where only a date is available it is presented as e.g. (1898) - this may refer to its composition, first performance, earliest publication, and is simply to be read as a guide to the earliest known instances of a work’s existence when nothing more precise is available.

Composer/Surname                                                               Quattro Pro and Excel Column F

A standardized spelling of the composer’s surname (or other indication of the origin of the music, e.g “Traditional”, “Popular song”, “Folk song”, “Anonymous”)

Composer/First name                                                           Quattro Pro and Excel Column G

Performer/Surname                                                              Quattro Pro and Excel Column H

[blank] indicates a “drawn” roll where there was no performer, but usually then the technician is named (if known.) To be read in conjunction with the P/O/D listings (see below)


Performer/First name                                                            Quattro Pro and Excel Column I

Pseudonym used                                                                     Quattro Pro and Excel Column J

Some performers used pseudonym(s). Where known, the correct name is given under performer, the pseudonym used for a particular recording is identified here.

Technician/Surname                                                             Quattro Pro and Excel Column K

in the case of non live-artist recordings the Welte technician responsible for drawing or transferring the roll to Philharmonie format, where known, is given

Technician/First name                                                           Quattro Pro and Excel Column L

Arranger/Surname                                                               Quattro Pro and Excel Column M

Here is meant the person making the musical arrangement (not a roll technician). Left blank for original compositions or when the arranger is not known (context-dependent).

Arranger/First name                                                             Quattro Pro and Excel Column N

P/O/D                                                                                      Quattro Pro and Excel Column O

the roll’s origins are here indicated as:

             P - transferred from a piano roll (Mignon) to Philharmonie format

             O - a live-artist organ recording of Welte’s

             D - transferred from a drawn roll (orchestrion) to a Philharmonie format

Music Duration                                                                      Quattro Pro and Excel Column P

Actual playing time of the music on “The Britannic Organ” CDs.

Welte Nr                                                                                 Quattro Pro and Excel Column Q

Welte’s own catalogue number ascribed to the roll.

Date Session                                                                           Quattro Pro and Excel Column R

This is any known actual date of a recording session arranged by Welte. It is not generally known with total accuracy and should usually be read as the first known recording date. Since recording sessions could typically last week or so it accordingly usually represents the starting date. This detail is only rarely recorded on the rolls themselves and some have had to be gleaned from artist biographies, rare surviving records and similar sources. Sometimes it appears that an artist returned on multiple occasions, but no other date than the first is known with certainty. In such cases estimates are made, usually based on the Welte roll number sequences or some other known detail.